The Kuyper Foundation has an international ministry. Christianity & Society is sent to many people around the world, including the Third World, and to many Christian ministries and institutes free of charge due to the high costs of First World literature in Third World countries and the financial constraints placed on many ministries operating in both the First and Third Worlds. In addition to this the Kuyper Foundation is committed to publishing high quality books that address important issues facing the Church and society from a distinctively Christian (i.e. biblical) perspective. 

In order to do this and further develop our work we need funding from those who believe in the cause for which we are working. The growth of our literature, publishing, web site, conference and lecture ministries, and the establishing of an institute to facilitate the further development of the Foundation’s work, requires a significant increase in our financial support base. The limits of our work are established by the giving of those who support the Foundation financially. Please support the ministry of the Kuyper Foundation regularly with your tithes and offerings.

For more information on making donations please see the Donations page.