Next Kuyper Foundation Conference
to 4 Jul

Next Kuyper Foundation Conference


Mankind Created in the Image of God:

A residential conference on Creativity and the Arts in Christian Perspective

Main speaker: Suzannah Rowntree*

Friday 1 July to Monday 4 July, 2022

Sidmouth, South Devon, England

This is advance notice of the conference on creativity and the arts that the Kuyper Foundation will be running in the summer of 2022.

There will be talks on the place of creativity in the Christian life and the value of technical excellence, how to be a distinctively Christian artist, with historical examples, the place of culture in the Christian life and the Christian hope that our works will go with us to the New Jerusalem, and practical story telling for storytellers and audiences. Also the importance and place of creativity as a central aspect of the image of God in man and some speculative discussion about artisanship as an economic model for the society of the future. There will be a Christian assembly on the Sunday morning and a plenary question and answer session to end the conference. There will also be plenty of time allocated for questions and discussion with all individual talks.

There will be opportunity for people attending the conference to display information about their creative and artistic projects. We have done this in the past and it worked very well. There will also be an informal soiree with music on the Saturday evening.

As with our previous conferences there will be plenty of time throughout the weekend for informal fellowship, discussion, and making new friends.

Sidmouth is a small town on the beautiful South Devon coast. It is part of the Jurassic coastline of Britain, which is famous for its fossils. The town itself is Regency and quite unspoilt, and for this reason has been used as an historical filming location. John Betjeman, the famous Poet Laureate described it as “A town caught still in a timeless charm”. See this website for more information:

The dates and hotel venue have been confirmed. More detailed information will be available when bookings are opened.

Booking will be through the Kuyper Foundation only at a future date. However, you may register your interest now so that when bookings open you will have priority. If you wish to do this please send an email giving your name, postal address and email address to:

* Suzannah Rowntree lives in a big house in rural Australia with her awesome parents and siblings, writing historical fantasy fiction informed by a covenantal Christian perspective on history. If you like the mythic fantasy of Stephen Lawhead, S. A. Chakraborty or Noami Novik, you’ll probably enjoy her stories too! Visit her online at:

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