The Wrong Priority

24 January 2014

A message about the priority of the Kingdom of God in the Christian religion, and the problems with idolising the rituals of the institutional Church. Reduction of the Christian religion to a mere mystery cult, which is what has happened in the modern world, corrupts and perverts the gospel and nullifies the Great Commission, which is a command to make Christian nations not bigger and better Churches.

The Religious Cause of the Recent Flooding on the Somerset Levels

3 March 2014

An explanation of how changes in society’s religious world-view in the late twentieth century (from the old Christian view that man should exercise dominion over the earth to the view that Nature has priority and that man should not interfere with Nature) has led to the acceptance of different priorities in managing the environment of the Somerset Levels. The prioritising of wetland wildlife over the needs of the communities and farmland led to a deliberate policy of letting the Levels flood more frequently. It is this change of policy, underpinned by a change of religious world-view regarding what should have priority, wildlife or humans, that has led to the recent flooding, which has been devastating for the communities and farms on the Levels.

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